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December News Update

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 4:52pm by Commodore Nathan Russ

First off, let me congratulations you all on an outstanding performance so far on the ISS Yamato. Your combined writing effort and skill has made this not only one of the most successful mirror universe sims, but one of the most successful sims period. Thank you all for that.

Next, it has come to my attention that there is some confusion about the PG 16 rating. I hope to clarify this for you now. Violence has virtually no restrictions. Lets keep the gore down if you don't mind, this is not part of the PG 16 rule but your poor dear week stomach Commanding Officer's request. Next, language. The use of profanity really has no boundaries, however the use of the most serious of profane words, the all horrible and often just referred to by a letter, the F word is allowed in limited usage. As long as its once in a blue moon, I don't see this is in any violation of the PG 16 rating. Next is the sexual aspect. PG 16 allows for some sexual posting, however, vivid and expletive posts about the actual act of sex in what ever form is strictly forbidden. Now, there is clearly room to write in detail about the events leading up to sex but at that point you need to find some way to change what your doing or fade to black. I hope this clarifies the PG 16 rating. I have tried to put it in simple terms but I can give the official terms if you like.

Finally, I want to congratulate Cameron Garcia AKA Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga for being Yamato's Player of the Month. I am sure you all agree that the level of writing is above, beyond and amazing. We forgive the 'trek technobabble' difference cause lets be honest... its just technobabble any way. It does not affect just the professional level of writing that we are getting.

So thank you for your participation and being apart of this family. I hope you are all having fun and lets enjoy this because after this mission we will be undergoing a massive and major change to our world and our universe. Get ready.

Sam Brackbill
Commodore Nathan Russ
Commanding Officer of ISS Yamato
Executive Officer of Task Force 99


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