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Commander Jordyn Hopkins

Name Jordyn Caitlyn Hopkins

Position Previous Crew

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6 Feet
Weight 113 Pounds
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jordyn is an average size humanoid female. Her body stature is a small frame, with flaming red hair, and deep blue eyes. She has several tattoo's and scars on her body.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Carter Kristin Hopkins
Mother Alayna Scarlett Hopkins
Siblings and Other Family Brother(s): Laurence Harvey Hopkins; Jacob Elijah Hopkins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordyn is quick to think on her feet. She has a twisted personality to match her sassy personality. She is loves to manipulate everyone she comes in contact with. She is always thinking of the next promotion. Jordyn is very dedicated to her job. Her goal in life, is to command a Terran warship. She believes she would make a great captain. Jordyn is full of confidence and ego. She is young and ambitious. She has no problem telling an officer with more seniority, to step aside. If he or she is impeding her ability for promotion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Jordyn only cares about herself, her compassion ends with the person she is currently seeing or dating. Yet she would betray the one she loves for a promotion. She is very energetic, and an ambitious officer. She has instinctive responses, and her unique and creative ideas make her a danger for anyone, who gets in her way.

Jordyn is a multi-tasker. She hates to solve mysteries, they are waste of her time. She would rather focus on seeking a promotion. Her obsession for a promotion is almost to the point of obsession.Jordyn does not trust anyone, and often thinks others are out to screw her out of a promotion. She listens to everything, anyone tells her. She loves to use information to manipulate those around her.


Jordyn's ambition is also her weakness for her, as well. She struggles with compassion. She is often rude, and to the point. She tends to work a lot of hours, to make sure things get done the insane deadlines she places upon herself, or those placed on by the command staff. This often causes stress for her, which she channels into her work and in her holodeck time.

Jordyn thinks her personal life is lazy and boring, she seeks more thrills and dangers. She hated being raised as a slave. Now she has a chance to prove herself with the Terran Empire. She will step over anyone she needs too. She desperately, wants to be a Terran Empire Captain. And command over his own subjects, like a true terran.

Jordyn is a brilliant technician. She is constantly studying and reading about new battle strategies, and weapons upgrades. She loves to put in long hours, and work late into the night. Jordyn is a bit of a perfectionist.

Jordyn is afraid of heights. She doesn't mind flying, but she can not handle being in high places without proper restraints or walls to protect her.
Ambitions To become a starship captain, any means possible.
Hobbies & Interests Jordyn likes to play card games, some of her favorite games is classic earth games. Uno, skipbo, goldfish and of course playing cards in general. She hates to lose, any of those games.

Jordyn loves participating in sports like basketball or raquetball. Growing up in school she use to play for high school team, lately though, she just plays for fun down in the gym area.

Jordyn considers herself to be very religious, she prays to god and attends church on a regular basis. Praying in itself has become a hobby.

Jordyn is into photography, every chance she gets, she pulling out the holocam and snapping a new a few pictures.

She also likes to volunteer a lot of her free to helping the community. She believes its her godly duty to assist others. She loves to listen to 21st century classical rock.

Jordyn has been known to write several short story novels. She finds it, very therapeutic.

Personal History Childhood:
Jordyn's parents separated when she was small, but remained friends and provided a happy, stable home. She was born on February 22, 2338 to Carter and Alayna Hopkins. She was raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. Her parents were both school teachers.

After her parents divorced, her father moved out of the home, but not to far from Jordyn. But he remained very close to her. Jordyn attended her school years in her father's school. From a young age, she knew she wanted to serve in Starfleet.

The idea of reaching out to the stars, and exploring the universe has always been appealing to her. At a young age, she her classmates, were invited to Terran Empire Advanced Warfare Training Facility in 2355, and she saw some of the labs, of things they were working on and fell in love with the idea, of becoming a security officer, especially for the Terran Empire.

In 2353 at the age of 15, just a couple months shy of her 16th birthday. She started to see Marshall Caelan Young. He was a very trouble kid, but she felt drawn to him. A few days before Christmas, he committed suicide. Which was caused Jordyn to be a little recluse, for most of 2361. She wondered how could she fall for such a loser. He took his own life like a coward. She hated others treating her weak, over his cowardly exit of this universe. She learned to incorporate a sassy personality, as a defensive mechanism to allow anyone to get to close when she was younger.

In 2354, Jordan started to date Ted Rufus, at first she was really excited for the new romance. But then reality hit her. She was 17 , and less than a year away from graduating high school. And joining Terran Empire Training Academy. She had spoken with Ted, and he was going to stay on earth. He had no desire to serve in Terran Empire.

By the late spring of 2356, Ted ended the relationship, right before prom. This angered Jordyn. She had planned to lose her virginity to him that night, and convince him to join Terran Empire. She felt embarrassed and humiliated. She ended up invoking her right to challenging Ted to a duo. She ended up hurting him badly. But allowed him to live, to serve as a reminder to anyone, that hurts her. Anyone that hurts her, will pay with their life.

By June 2356, Jordyn graduated high school and left for Terran Empire Academy. She was excited for the chance to go. She said goodbye to her family and friends, and prepared to leave Hillsboro behind to include Hillsboro. On the night before she left, Ted wanted to talk to her. But at this stage, she wanted to keep her past in the past. He was as coward, and did not deserve to be heard. She had publicly shamed him, and felt great about it. She never found out what Ted wanted. To this day, she resented not killing him. But she needed to send a message to everyone.

Life at the Academy:

For the first two years, life was all studying and a lot of testing. Well the first two years. The only breaks, came on the weekends. A lot of the cadets, would take advantage of the liberty pass, but not Jordyn, she took the chance to study. She wanted to be the best possible security officers, she could become.

Plus on a personal level most of 2356 and 2357 she spent, trying to get over Ted Rufus. By the Fall of 2358, she met Tyrone Harris Hines, and by Winter of that year, they had started to date. This was a much needed distraction, she found herself able to relax more, and her grades improved at the academy.

In the Fall of 2359, Jordyn ran for Student Body Secretary and won the role, it was an interesting experience. Her boyfriend at the time, Tyrone was the president. And wanted Jordyn to give the student body government a try. Mainly she just took down notes, at he meetings. She felt it was very time consuming, she was glad she did this her senior year at the academy.

Terran Empire Training Academy:

Jordyn served on the ISS Cassiopeia as a Security officer in the Summer of 2360. She served as science officer until 2360. At the start of her starfleet Career she was still dating Tyrone Hines, but he got assigned to the ISS Aries.

Jordyn joined the security unit on the ISS Cassiopeia as a Security Officer. She helped over see the Gamma Shift team. She completed her tour, without the opportunity to prove herself in combat, she was upset about that. She wanted to be on the fast track to promotion.

Jordyn and Tyron started to settle into a long distance relationship. It was a hard transition for them. Jordyn did her best to keep the relationship going. She served on the Beta Shift, on the Galaxy Class Cruiser, but serving on a ship with a 1,000 crew and not being able to spend any time with Tyrone, was to much for her. Sadly by January of 2361 she ended the relationship.

Prior to her break up with Tyrone, she was promoted to Assistant Chief Security Officer on the ISS Cassiopeia, in August of 2361. She continued to work hard, to prove herself. She got a crash course in the other departments. She felt a little overwhelmed from it all.

By early 2363, Jordyn was offered the Chief Security Officer of the ISS Yamato. A position she applied for, and was approved. She was very happy, despite still trying to heal from the emotional wounds of breaking up with Tyrone.

Service Record 2363 - Present
ISS Yamato, Chief Security Officer

2361 - 2363
ISS Cassiopeia, Assistant Chief Security Officer

2360 - 2361
ISS Cassiopeia, Security Officer

2356 - 2360
Terran Empire Training Academy, Security Officer