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Captain Surafael (Suri) Unathi

Name Surafael (Suri) Caleb Unathi

Position Previous Crew

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 200
Hair Color Black (Bald or cut short)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Suri is of African descent and therefore dark complexion. He usually wears his hair cut very short if not completely bald. He is very well mannered and outwardly shows very little emotion. He is of average height with a muscular build from the intense Imperial Marine Training that he has received.


Father Rutendo Unathi
Mother Amara Unathi
Siblings and Other Family Nanny: Valla (Vulcan slave surrogate mother)
Sister: Imani Unathi (Eldest)
Brother: Baraka Unathi (Older)
Sisters: Sade/Sanaa Unathi (younger twin sisters)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Suri is a self-motivated and driven individual. He knows what he wants and what he wants to accomplish and is not willing to sit back and let anyone get in his way. With a tendency to be overly ambitious at times Suri has been known to overshoot the mark or get himself into more trouble because of his ambition. He is not afraid to use anyone to get what he wants either through diplomacy, bribery, compassion, or brute force.
Suri doesn’t consider himself to be a prejudiced person and has respect for other races if they respect the fact that they are inferior to Terrans and know their place. He does have a fondness for and tends to be more tolerant of Andorians and Orions, especially the women.

When it comes to following orders or carrying out his duties Suri is fiercely dedicated and thorough. Not one to be too overly heavy-handed he will not hesitate to make an example out of entire rebel resistance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Suri has excellent persuasive skills and can be quite diplomatic when the need calls. He can also appear to be quite compassionate if he feels he needs to be. A very skilled fighter Suri is very well-practiced in the art of combat and likes to study the subject extensively.

Weakness: Impulsive and quick to jump the gun Suri unnecessarily subjects himself to mistakes and exposes himself to danger because of his impulsiveness. Suri is also slow to trust and tends to believe that he is the only one that he can really count on.
Ambitions Suri is determined to make a name for himself. With visions of grandeur, he sees himself climbing the ladder quickly. Seeing himself being the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Marines as a real possibility he takes note of individuals that may “be in his way” one day as well as those who have stood in his way and very much looks forward to a day of reckoning.
Hobbies & Interests Suri spends a great deal of time studying warfare, learning about his enemies and plotting his way to the top. He likes to enjoy women, especially slave women with a penchant for Vulcan slave women being his favorite form of relaxation and entertainment.

Personal History Suri’s life has been one of privilege, born to wealthy parents who have ties to the Imperial Court, his family has accumulated a great deal of wealth by acquiring exclusive construction contracts with the Empire. As such Suri had access to the finest things that life has to offer, luxury, slaves, and property were all available to him.

With his parents being busy running growing their financial Empire, Suri and his siblings were raised primarily by their Vulcan slave nanny Valla, who is more family than slave. Though she is a slave and a Vulcan Suri has a special affection for Valla and considers an insult to Valla to be an insult to the Unathi family. Despite being a Vulcan, she is one of the few people that Suri considers himself to be close to and would never allow any harm to come to her. Valla, on the other hand being highly intelligent, knows the place she holds with the Unathi family and uses it to her advantage when she can.

Though he had access to privilege and could just as easily have taken over the family business and earned himself a place in the Imperial Court, Suri wants to make his own name and earn his own way. Not content to use his family name to get him where he wants to go Suri is determined to be his own man.

At the age of 17, Suri joined the Imperial Marine Academy. Excelling in his studies he completed his senior year of the academy as a Cadet Platoon leader on the penal station Deep Space 6 where he helped to put down a Rebel uprising and recapture 23 rebels and 3 hostages taken by the escaping rebels. Upon graduation from the Academy Suri was stationed at Deep Space 6 as a Squad Leader

After a year on Deep Space 6, Suri transferred to the ISS Pike as Platoon leader where he participated in several campaigns putting down rebel uprisings and expanding the Empire. Upon recommendation from his Company, Commander Suri took a position as a Company leader on Star Base Takayanagi where he’d served for a year before an incident at the Star Base afforded him the opportunity to become the Marine Detachment Commander onboard the ISS Yamato

Service Record 2362 – 2365 Imperial Marine Academy
2365 -2366 Deep Space 6 (Senior Cadet Year)
2366 – 2367 Deep Space 6 - Squad Leader
2367 – 2368 ISS Pike - Platoon Leader
2368 – 2369 Star Base Takayanagi - Company Commander
2369 – Present Marine Commanding Officer ISS Yamato