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Lieutenant Tomoe Nobunaga

Name Tomoe Nishida Nobunaga

Position Previous Crew

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Terran Female (male to female)
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6-01
Weight 135
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thin and lithe, physically and powerfully fit for a woman with long black hair which is and kept in a long ponytail during duty hours, her deep brooding brown eyes hide the fact that she is a brutal, bloody pugilist, and a master assassin; with little regard for her own safety.


Spouse Not Married
Father Hoshi Nobunaga
Mother Kimiko Susuki, deceased
Siblings and Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A professional assassin who does not talk much about her personal life; but seems to observe anyone who ventures in front of her, studying them for any signs of weakness. Her close friends if she has any are all sworn to secrecy on her transition to a woman. Once known as a man, she found later in life she was Transgender; going from male to female' she never talks about that part of her past, always making sure that no one knows about it, except for the Emperor, who has seen her own personal file. However, to make light of her transition and then tell everyone in a condescending way, is to tempt the fates for a gruesome death at the hands of Tomoe.

A confirmed pugilist, Tomoe assassin past allows her to take part in an unknown sport held once every year, called "Arena". There over a two month period, she and thousands are pitted against each other. The rules are simple to stay alive in the Arena as you face single or multiple combatants, using every weapon known, and trick in the book to win, even sometimes poisoning the entire group of gladiators food and water to win the Emperors prize.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
Intelligent, smart, tactically sound, and exudes an aura of superiority as an officer.
She is loyal to her senior officers, and especially the captain of any ship she serves on.
She has little regard for her own personal as she will lead the fight to the enemy by any means, even if it kills her.

Bull-headed, stubborn, argumentative, and loves to fight and drink to excess.
Can be at times, shy, demure, and likes to play the part of a defenseless female; but never let that fool you into thinking Tomoe cannot fight as an ISS Officer. For she can seduce and kill you as easily as one would kill a living species

"Bat Shit Crazy" an observation by the top Psychologists of the Empire. When under stress, Tomoe suffers from an unknown number of multi-personality disorders, that all have their own distinct personalities, and can manifest causing Tomoe to actually change forms to match the personality. To counter act these MP's Tomoe takes a series of medications to control her manifestations.

Ambitions To one day become the master of a Starship, as part of an organized Pirate fleet.
Hobbies & Interests She has a small but extensive collection of swords and is a firm believer in the theory of Eugenics, and the purity of the Empire. Quite Xenophobic she hates all aliens, including peaceful ones, Vulcans, Klingons, and other Alien races to include Terrans who have over the centuries have been infected with Alien blood

Personal History As a professional soldier almost her entire life Tomoe is a product of training as a Ninja/Samurai of ancient Japan during the Edo Era. Bred and trained to kill by any means Tomoe was trained in several killing arts, from Japanese Karate, Korean Taekwando, Thailand Boxing, Filipino Escrima, and Pinakkatuan, and the art of Ninjitsu, besides these arts she has also trained as a Samurai, her namesake Tomoe is taken from the name of a famous female General named Tomoe Nobunaga, who during her time killed a General in combat

Trained all her life in these arts, she joined the Empires Star Service, at the late age of 28, after spending more than 20 years as a for hire-assassin for the Emperor. She lives to carry out the orders of the Emperor. Though she was not born to nobility, her father a senior member of the Japanese “ Nobunaga-Gumi”, one of the largest Japanese Yakuza gangs in Japan. Accordingly, her father a boss is so high up the chain of command that he is the only member allowed to speak up against the wishes of the most powerful of all Yakuza’s the boss only known as High Lord Yuri ko Zama, otherwise known as a counselor to the Big boss. He helps guide the boss while eliminating all hindrances to his power.

Protected by a host of unknown and unseen assassins, no one has ever tried to assassinate her father, fearing the immediate assassination of their entire family, and the dissolution of their property to the Yakuza. Though her father has distanced himself from his daughter, there have been a few times when overzealous officers tried to claim Tomoe for their own. Found dead or chopped up into large chunks and beamed aboard their own ships. Since then no one has ever tried to assassinate Tomoe ever again.

Finding life on Earth and on many of the Empire’s planets quite boring; Tomoe joined the Terran Empires star navy, and went through their Academy. Working hard at her subjects and majoring in Military History, basic and advanced Starship combat, she passed her studies at the Academy with glowing high marks; however there were certain factions that felt her background was bringing down the Academy, so when a large female student tried to accost Tomoe during her time in the Gym, the student was mysteriously found with a broken neck floating in the gyms' pool.

During her senior year, another student tried to blackmail Tomoe by bringing out her past to the entire Academy class. That very week the student was found gutted and hanging in the student washroom, Tomoe graduated with her degree in Military History and a minor in Quantum Mechanics, and Einsteinium Bubble String Theory, and received the Emperor's trophy for having attained a perfect score in Starship combat.
Service Record Attended Starfleet Academy, graduated as an Ensign
Attended the Star Navy where she rose to the rank of Lieutenant JG, but during her last stint in the arena, she was given the rank of Lieutenant after killing a Lieutenant, who was senior to her.

Spending more than nine years on the ISS Hornet, Montclaire, McIntyre, where she received her bridge qualification badge on the ISS McIntyre. Assigned to the ISS Hiryu, she killed the ships executive officer LTCDR Draxon Levy in his room, for not being attentive to the complaints of the crew.

With an opening on the ISS YAMATO for a bridge officer, Tomoe applied and was accepted.