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Lieutenant JG Howard Ludovisi

Name Howard Ludovisi

Position Previous Crew

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6’0
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, broad, and built like a wire hangar. A narrow, elegantly structured face with clearly Italian features - a large nose, a strong chin, dark eyes, and thick, dark facial hair. Closely shaved head with equally thick though lighter colored hair. Regular, careful attention to hygiene and personal appearance.


Spouse Daphne Walsh
Children Matthew Joseph
Father Cesare DiDomenico
Mother Nella Ludovisi
Siblings and Other Family Jennifer Ludovisi - 35, Lieutenant; ISS Enterprise, Xenobiologist

Bryan Ludovisi - 34, Gunnery Sergeant; ISS Thunderchild, First Sergeant

Personality & Traits

General Overview Placid, soft-spoken, and serious. Howard is a highly professional and intensely detail oriented person. These are sources of pride for him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Above all, Howard is extremely good at his job. This is largely due to a synergy of several other soft skills, including:

Impressive memory recall
Effective communication skills
Highly organized nature
Resourceful problem solving.
Intuitive predisposition

He is also a competent and capable crewman, soldier, and officer of the Empire:

Experienced spacer
Interdepartmental career
Quick with a knife
Bricks for fists

For all his promise and appeal as a professional, Howard can be disagreeable and insufferable in most every other aspect of life. These have precluded him from a fully trustworthy inner circle of subordinates:

Emotionally distant
Intensely intolerant of ineptitude
Vicious and cruel
General, unabashed disdain for most others

There are also a number of weaknesses in his technical skill:

Lack of medical training
No command experience
No formal advanced academia
Ambitions Howard looks forward to his posting aboard the Yamato, which is his first command level position. He intends to leverage his time as the Chief Operations Officer to gain a position as either an executive or commanding officer aboard a similar warship. This will involve the concurrent goal of currying favor amongst the crew of the Yamato in order to ensure a loyal pool of officers from which to choose a potential future senior staff.
Hobbies & Interests Howard enjoys spending time on the holodeck, utilizing programs for both personal growth and recreation.

Personal History Taken in its entirety, Howard’s life and career has been unremarkable. He was born into a military family and continued that legacy to the best of his ability, starting as an enlisted Marine until such a time as an opportunity for a transfer of commission presented itself. Upon joining the Imperial Navy, Howard was immediately thrust into the political machinations of a starship crew: he thwarted an assassination attempt against a lieutenant in the science department. This lieutenant eventually repaid Howard’s display by recommending him for a commissioned posting aboard another vessel.

It was aboard the Olympia that Howard rose through the ranks by treachery as much as by merit. It was also aboard the Olympia that Howard met a woman as cold and calculating as he was. He and Lieutenant Daphne Walsh soon married and had a son; his wife and child remain aboard the Olympia, as she is now its Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Howard however has been offered the chance to prove himself as one of the elite of the Imperial Navy by fulfilling the role of Chief of Operations of a Galaxy-class vessel.
Service Record ISS Farragut - Private First Class, Marine Infantry
ISS Farragut - Lance Corporal, Marine Infantry
ISS Farragut - Corporal, Fire Team Lead
ISS Farragut - Crewman, Astrometric Data Entry Specialist
ISS Farragut - PO3, Assistant to the Head Biologist
ISS Olympia - LTJG, Operations Officer
ISS Olympia - LTJG, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
ISS Olympia - LTJG, Acting Chief Operations Officer
ISS Yamato - LTJG, Chief Operations Officer